Series One

Episode Ten

Surprise Boxes With Home Delivery from Feeling Foxy

Sex pleasure boxes! Home Delivery. Lianne Speaks to Lisa from Feeling Foxy about the variety of surprise boxes people can have for home delivery..

Surprise Boxes With Home Delivery from Feeling Foxy

by Lianne Speaks to Lisa from Feeling Foxy

Episope Nine

Electrically Stimulating Talks with Claire

Stimulating, electric sex talk with Lianne and Cliare from Electrastim. The leading pleasure product company for electrical sexual products to enhance everyones sex life.

Electrically Stimulating Talk

by Lianne talks with Claire from Electrastim

Episode Eight

Lianne interviews Patricia and Alma of Vibio in depth on why they have decided to take on the vast market of pleasure products at the young age of 24. Listen as Lianne finds out what inspired the two young women to take on the gutsy market and find out what it took to design, produce and finance their very own vibrator called ‘Ella’.

Vibio And Their Creation - Ella

by Lianne talks with co founders of Vibio Patricia and Alma

Episode Seven

Listen in on this hilarious chat  where Lianne and Jane of Creative Conceptions openly discuss the making of condoms, sexual health and how to introduce more fun into the bedroom for couples.

From sexy board games to condoms, all leading to more fun in the bedroom

by Lianne talks with Jane Bowles of Creative Conceptions

Episode Six

Show 6 is Eleanore Hancock Long distance lust and loving is no more a problem.. Lianne talks to Eleanore Hancock from KIIRRO about the worlds leading interactive sex toy! Think London -Austrlaia masturbation lessons making it no longer being an issue when it comes to sexual pleasure. Also touching the wonderful world of sex tech and sex dolls.

Talking Interactivity with KIIRRO's Eleanore Hancock

by Lianne speaks with Eleanore Hancock

Episode Five

Sex toys can bring out the animal in you, but who would have thought people can bring out the animal pleasure products! Lianne interviews one of the worlds most knowledge experts, Pat Cronenberg on sexual plesasure products and distribution of the 21st Century. This show contains shocking information.

Unique Sex Toys

by Lianne talks with Pat Cronenberg

Episode Four

Dr. Andrew Webber- Part two The quick vagina tightening is definitely the fantastic and easy way to tighten up the vagina without the hard work of squatting. Leading cosmetic doctor Dr. Andrew Webber joins Lianne Young in discussing the quick and harmless way that Vagina rejuvenation laser treatment works. Lianne, asks meaningful questions on why it is as good as botox for crows feet, who is suitable and what exactly is involved.

Part two - The quick vagina tightening

by Lianne talks with Dr Andrew Webber

Episode Three

Part One The vagina rejuvenation week will help females discover the multiple ways women can tighten up their lady parts with a rejuvenating makeover… Listen with humour to Sex and Relationships expert Lianne Young and pilates expert Jane Wake as they openly discuss why lady parts may need a tweak and uplift for extra pleasure during sex. This show is informative, humorous and makes a serious subject easy to digest.

Pilates and Post-natal Fitness Expert: Jane Wake

by Lianne talks with Jane Wake

Episode Two

Lianne openly discusses menopause journeys in the workplace with leading British expert and founder of “Women of a certain stage” Lauren Chiren. Lauren is an expert supporting females in the workplace and social life cope with the effects of menopause. This show will enlighten you on what can be done to support females through this difficult time with Laurens 5 menopause tips. A great episode providing unique support whilst very educating at the same time.

Menopause Part 2

by Lianne talks with Lauren Chiren

Episode One

Whats hot, sweaty and canalter the drive….nothing better than menopause! Listen as sex and relationship expert Lianne Young discusses the effects of menopause on the female sex drive with menopause expert Samantha Evans. This open talk discusses everything from hot flushes, libido, sex and pleasure products which will provide you with some enlightening information. This show is great for health, wellness and sex & relationships.

Menopause Part 1

by Lianne Speaks With Samantha Evans

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