Samantha Evans

Samantha Evans co-founded Jo Divine, an online sex toy company, with her husband Paul in 2007. Having a professional background in nursing, she is a features writer for Jo Divine and is passionate about only promoting skin safe sex toys and sexual lubricants, alongside Menopause.

Being married for 21 years she understands the effects that motherhood and the menopause can have upon relationships and sexual intimacy, she has exerienced her own sexual health issues and as a mum of three teenagers she is aware of the varied quality and often poor standard of sex education in schools in the UK.

Being 51 and menopausal Samantha works hard to ensure all women going through the menopause enjoy good sexual intimacy and pleasure and don’t give up on their sex lives when there are many sex positive ways they can continue enjoying sexual pleasure.

Samantha is a well known media expert and writes regular features for leading websites, such as So Feminine, Good Housekeeping, Healthista, Glamour, and Net Doctor. Her articles are regularly featured in national newspapers, including The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Daily Express, The Sun and Metro.

 As a former nurse Samantha is well aware of how healthcare professionals struggle to talk to their patients about sexual issues and patients are very reluctant to discuss intimate problems with their doctor. To help healthcare professionals, she has written extensively about sexual health issues, offering practical advice and recommending suitable products and other trained professionals who can help.

Working with a consultant uro/gynaecologist and a women’s health physiotherapist at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, Samantha has created the Jo Divine Health Brochure containing suitable products for their patients with gynaecological conditions, such as vaginal tightness, post operative scarring and menopausal symptoms to help alleviate some of the symptoms.

The health brochure is being given out across the UK by many healthcare professionals including at the Pelvic Health Summit 2016, COSRT conference 2016 and at the Edinburgh Fringe by Gussie Grips aka Elaine Miller, a womens health physiotherapist who talks about “pelvic floors and pish” as well as menopause support groups, menopause sepcialists and GPs, sex therapists and clinical nurse specialists across the UK.

She is also collaborating with Diane Danzebrink who set up Menopause Support, Dr Louise Newson a GP who specialises in the menopause, Dr Hannah Short, Menopause GP and Jane Lewis, author of Me & My Menopausal Vagina.

Samantha is also a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Womens Voices Involvement panel and a member of the Vaginal Atrophy Facebook Group.

In February 2019 she recently attended a menopause workshop at RCOG with RCGP and DOH as member of RCOG Womens Voice Involvement Panel to discuss ways in which GPs can recognise that their patinets are experiencing menopausal symptoms and to offer suitable treatment through a range of practical interventions within the GP practice. This is an on going discussion.

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