Eleanor Hancock

Eleanor Hancock began her career researching sex robots and sex-technology alongside her MReS degree at the University of Liverpool, she graduated with a first-class degree.
Eleanor¬† has since been involved in numerous conferences, acting as a presenter or keynote speaker such as the ‘Brave New World conference’ in The Netherlands and the’ Love and Sex with Robots’ Conference chaired by David Levy and Adrian Cheok.
Her research on sex-robots has involved additional academics from other arenas, such as Noel and Amanda Sharkey, who Elaeanor worked with to write ‘Our Sexual Futures’ report in 2017. The report was widely received by media outlets such as the BBC and Channel 4 News, and is still referenced widely today.
As some of the discussion on sex-robots involves the discussion of the adult industry, a lot of Eleanor’s research has been focused on this with particular focus on how the adult industry has been reformed by new digital technologies.
Currently Eleanor is based in The Netherlands, Amsterdam and work as a researcher and consultant for Kiiroo, the world’s leading teledildonic company, she is particularly interested in looking at how new technologies may reform sex-positivity and sex-workers rights.

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