Become One Of  Lianne’s Reviewers

Lianne is looking for real people to test and review a range of the best and latest sex toys, could that be you?

Do you know what you like or never used a sex toy before, we are looking a wide range of real people to test and review the latest and top sex toys that Lianne is sent every month from companies. We want to be able to offer truly real reviews from people that are going to be using these products in their homes.

Tell us why you should be a tester and what you like or would like to test and we could then send you a product that best matches your needs. We want to help you improve and enjoy positive sexual pleasures, has the menopause made you think you cannot have an active sex life again, find you cannot orgasm though penetrative sex or have never tried a product aimed at clitoris stimulation, Lianne needs to hear from you.

Email Lianne and tell her why you should become a reviewer at 

To be a reviewer, there are just a few rules.

  • Must be 18 or over
  • Female
  • Male
  • Couple
  • Open minded
  • Willing to speak on the podcast (real name not required to be used)

If this is you, then email Lianne today on and you could soon be one of our team of real reviewers.

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